Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lucky Winners

 We all had a ball with the
 "Summer Buzz". 
Here is a list of all the lucky winners

Connie Shipp Joye Dethrow
Johney Colledge Cindy Talley
Kayleen Carter Dorothy Redd
Jean Maxfield Emily Perry
Kathy Palmer  Judy Romney
Arlene Barrow Arlette Wilson
LaRue Brumble Vicki Rich
Cawl Swasy Erin Flinders
Saiah Tveter Shirley Caisox
Machee Clawson Vicki Meeds
Kally Jackman Jolene Hansen
Sandy Schut  Connie Bell
Laura Clinger Lisa Friedrichs
Heidi Madsen Laurie Wimmer
Kathy Hamaker Stefanie Carter
Janet Simmons Karol Marchello
LaRaine Mortgony Andrea Braithwaite
Jean Reed Pat Larson

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